Our on-demand pharmacy delivery app comes with all the tools you need to establish yourself in this competitive market. This is an all-in-one solution that leaves no stones . With this offering, you and your customers can carry out pharmaceutical transactions from anywhere, at any time, and across numerous devices with supreme ease and convenience. Here are some of the different things that our on-demand pharmacy delivery app comes with:

Helpful Features Of Our Delivery App Development Solution

Login/ Register:
Customers can quickly sign up and log in to the app with ease and convenience — a simple registration process with an even simpler login process.

Search Stores:
Customers can search for pharmacies in their locality or a specific medical store by typing the name of the pharmacy.

Search Medicine:
Customers can alternatively search directly for the medicine they want, and they’ll be automatically guided to the pharmacies that have them.

Upload Prescriptions:
Customers can purchase over the counter medicines without a prescription. However, for those that need a doctor’s approval, they can upload their prescriptions digitally and avail the medicine.

Compare Prices:
Customers can compare the price of medicine across various stores and choose one that fits their budget.

Customers can read in detail about the medicine they wish to purchase, including the ingredients, uses, and directions for safe usage.

Track Order:
Customers can track the order from the pharmacy to the store in real-time to ensure a speedy delivery.

This pharmacy delivery app allows you to do just that at an affordable price without compromising on quality.