Uber for maids app

Uber for maids app

Uber for maid best laundry app development by appok Infolabs

So in the app market Uber maid service has been trending for a long time. It is one of the best businesses that you have lot of scopes and will help you to generate lot of revenue in short period. in daily life washing cloth can take a lot of time and people will not want to spend so much time on their laundry needs I don’t want to spend on washing machine aur dryers or go in a search coin operated machine to wash cloth so so in app development we make one product in which technology communicate with your daily needs. We understand it your daily basics requirement and we make on demand app where customer can easily place a a laundry service request and find a a nearest service providers according to their suitable time and location no matter the customer are in home or maybe e Deccan confirm booking in their offices well. So maybe you are thinking that what you before made ab stand for and what is the uses of Uber for maids .

Today as you know how people are busy in their life so people at present at preparing to go with a mobile app and confirm booking according to their convenience let me tell you the benefits of of on demand app of Uber for maids laundry booking mobile app.

Hassle free conveniences

In this people can higher nearest service provider who can available according to customers preferable time. People get their service at doorstep and they can get the laundry service after service done. 

Automatic delivery module

When we talk about delivery boy the business owner need to worry about there delivery boy wages and security so here we comes with permanent solution with a separate delivery boy app which comes with Android and IOS platform and connected to to user app so so once someone request any service then according to to distance the preferable delivery boy I will get the job and and get paid by from their commission of each delivery with this module every delivery boy will have specific target set my admin and specific commission which rate is is managed by admin as well .

Fully automatic system

Appok Infolabs presenting a a fully automatic system which comes with complete control of your online business it is not only e identify the problems but also so it’s help you you to increase your revenue with that way there is is no need to to separate office for your business but also so you don’t need such kind of operational cost to run your business, 

Now every automatic Uber for maids comes in your budget . Contact at our support email and we will comes with you you as soon as possible we make sure you will get service at very affordable prices in comparison to to rest of all competitors.

Cost To Build a Taxi Booking App Like Uber?

Cost To Build a Taxi Booking App Like Uber?

On-demand bike taxis are also available in Brazil, China, Pakistan, and the USA. Still, not all of them have a mobile bike taxi booking app. Therefore, you can launch the first bike taxi service app in your country and succeed in it.

Expand to other countries

When thinking about how to make a taxi app, you should not limit your business idea within the borders of your own country.


That might sound surprising, but there are still countries where Uber is not available. For you, as for the prospective taxi app owner, this situation creates a perfect market opportunity to build your taxi-hailing services.

Currently, Uber is not presented in Brunei, Oman, Malta, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Cyprus.

Sounds great, right?

Now that you have an idea of how your taxi app will beat Uber, let us continue.

Even with an outstanding unique value proposition, your app should be profitable for your business.

But, how to start an app like Uber and make money from it?

Read on and find out!

Revenue Model of the Uber-like Taxi-Booking Mobile App

Uber has two sources to earn money:

  • The app charges a commission from drivers
  • Uber conducts marketing campaigns with other businesses.

Now, let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Fees and Commissions

Commission from drivers and passengers. When the driver receives an online booking via the app, Uber charges commission for each booking. The commission varies between 20-25% of the total ride cost.

Service fees. Apart from driver commission, Uber charges passengers a flat booking rate. When applying this model, you might add other costs as security, service, or money transaction.

Cancellation fees. You can charge this type of payment in case the passenger cancels a ride.

Promotional partnership and advertising

Third-party promotional. Uber makes money from promotional collaboration with famous brands like Hilton, Pepsi, Spotify, and more.

Still, here are some ways to compete with Uber, as described below.

Offer a unique value proposition

Your app for taxi service should be attractive for both drivers and riders. For that, you need to create a unique value proposition for both sides.

Here are some examples:

The value proposition for the customer. You should motivate passengers to use your app by offering them something your competitors do not have.

That might be:

  • The option to track the driver arriving
  • Free rides or discounts on certain occasions
  • A fixed price for common destinations such as Railway stations or Airports.
  • The in-app payment gateway for cashless transactions
  • Estimated duration and cost of the ride

The value proposition for the driver. How to attract drivers to your taxi services if there are so many competitors? You can choose the following:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Opportunity to earn more in peak workload
  • Low barrier to entry or no investments to join the business
  • Flexible working hours
  • Easy procedure of mobile payment

There could be even more options to attract users to your app and stand out among competitors.

Let us move on.

Find your niche

Apart from a unique value proposition, you can find a free niche in the taxi booking app market and succeed in it. For instance, electric cars.


Since people are more concerned with ecological issues, they make conscious choices toward the environmentally-friendly means of transport. Thus, an eco-friendly taxi app would be a great idea.

An example is Green Cabs Taxis, a  leading New Zealand environmentally-friendly taxi company. The company positions itself as guilt-free because they use electric vehicles and add tree-planting donations into each fare.

After the Uber upheaval, numerous organizations have begun to put resources into ride-hailing application advancement and embrace a similar business technique to get a beneficial income. And the worldwide taxi market is expected to show a compound annual growth rate of 9.22% by 2024.

To conclude, the taxi industry is expected to grow, as well as the number of taxi-hailing mobile apps.

Still, you can take a moment to develop a cab service software and acquire your market share.

A step-by-step guide on how to make a taxi booking app

Step 1. Find your Niche

Apart from a unique value proposition, find a niche in the taxi booking app market with low competition.

Step 2. Conduct Technical Audit & Research

Gather requirements for taxi mobile app development and improvements that can be made.

Step 3. Create a Taxi booking app documentation

Create detailed technical specification of product functionality, the app architecture, and tech stack to be used.

Step 4. Develop your Uber-like app

Divide each project part into different tasks, starting to implement each task based on their priority and conduct unit testing to find logical errors.

Step 5. Deploy your taxi-booking app

Taxi app developers deploy the app to the live environment to ensure that it runs properly on all devices.

How your taxi booking app can compete with Uber

With over 91 million monthly active users, Uber remains a strong competitor for all taxi-booking startups.

Do you want to enter the taxi booking industry?

 In this article, we are going to tell you, not only about how to build a taxi app like Uber and the development cost but also about strategies to beat Uber and gain your market share.

Now, let’s begin.

Uber like app development 2021

Uber like app development 2021

How Safe Is the uber like app development ?

How they do Uber like app development in 2021?

Or we can say Uber Clone is a Fully Automated taxi booking mobile app. We have all the latest features like smart Routing, Surge Pricing, ETA, In-app notifications, SOS Button, and a many more things. Its a highly optimized and User-friendly app provided by Appok Infolabs., Here is the rundown of testing we have done to ensure the application is steady.

Group Based

Publicly supported Testing is imperative to realize this present reality experience of utilizing an application. It improves client experience and spares your business from genuine harms. Our Cabily application has experienced amazing Crowdsourced testing. We improved our application dependent on the client criticism we assembled from the testing.


Burden testing helped us in testing our Taxigen application’s greatest working potential. After the testing, we have improved the Uber like app development application. We have set it up so that it can deal with immense traffic volumes with no personal time or slack. Burden testing expanded unwavering quality and improved the presentation of the application.


We have completely tried our Cabily application for any security or powerlessness dangers. We additionally did entrance tests to figure the conduct of assailants and programmers. We did it intensive testing of the source code, bottlenecks. Likewise, we have done assault vectors before we reveal our application. Likewise, we have tried the web utilization of our application against different security vulnerabilities.

Volume Testing

By and large, the information volume in the database increments consistently. It eases back down the applications and performs at an imperfect level. Our application content has been dependent upon thorough volume testing. We did it to discover how an expanded measure of information impacts the framework conduct and the reaction time. Because of volume testing, the application content is vigorous and prepared for true use.

Soundness of Uber like app development

We have oppressed cabily to steadiness testing under thorough yet indicated conditions. We did it for a foreordained time. It guarantees the application’s soundness under an assortment of conditions and doesn’t separate. Steadiness testing permitted us to maintain a strategic distance from issues like memory holes and server disappointments. It additionally takes out the startling smashing of the application content.


We have tried the Cabily application for usefulness, similarity, and steadiness. We have tried it across various stages, gadgets, and emulators. This kind of testing has permitted us to fix minor bugs. It guarantees the application content works easily over the various stages. It assists with checking the working without settling on execution, steadiness, or security.


We have tried it with multi-contact and UI components (symbols, catches, pictures, text fields, checkboxes). We have additionally tried our cabily application screen for different screen goals. From that point onward, we have tried it on different subjects, and hues to guarantee a steady presentation. The UI works entirely fine while being easy to use.


Every created application have a design. All applications need it to take a shot at any gadget, every single significant program, and every working framework. We have tried our Uber clone application on an assortment of programs, gadgets, and major working frameworks. It is to test different arrangements of settings and similarity to guarantee ideal execution.

Usefulness Testing

We have tried all highlights of the Uber like app development application under genuine end-client conditions. It is to guarantee there are no usefulness related bugs or disappointments. We deal with all the bugs that we discovered during the testing stage. We at that point fix it with fitting refinement. We have tried the application on various work processes, different arrangements and different informational indexes. It is to guarantee it works ideally under an assortment of conditions.

Limitation Testing

Our objective is to guarantee that the Uber like app development application claims to the intended interest group. We have checked and inspected various key focuses. We did it to advance it for advertise explicit boundaries. The boundaries incorporate the shading plan and telephone number arranging. With a top notch restriction methodology, we have focused on different components. It additionally incorporates not really clear social ins, peculiarities, and social outs. It assists with abstaining from humiliating circumstances.

Manual Testing

Our engineers have run various experiments physically. It is to test the application without utilizing any contents or apparatuses. Manual testing is incredibly useful. It will assist with revealing programming bugs presented during the improvement stage. We utilized manual testing, as a natural eye can just discover many structure related imperfections. We do testing through the mechanization testing approach. Along these lines, we can’t bar the client experience or UI testing. We require a natural eye to complete such tests.

Establishment Testing

We have oppressed our Uber like app development application to execution testing or establishment testing. We do this testing to guarantee that our application introduces well in another framework. We ensure that it introduces alongside all the necessary information and functions true to form. This testing uncovers bugs and deformities. Those bugs can cause the establishment procedure to crash or come up short.

Mechanized Testing

The mechanization testing performed on our application makes it viable and proficient. We did this testing utilizing computerization testing instruments. We utilized these apparatuses to ran predefined and pre-recorded arrangement of activities and experiments. We utilized it to contrast the outcomes with the fruitful, checked, and acknowledged application conduct. Computerized testing has made our application powerful and exceptionally solid.

Operational Testing

We oppressed our Uber like app development application to a thorough activity testing stage. We did it to test the ideal operational availability of our application content. It helped us to guarantee our application’s availability, practicality, and steadiness. We likewise checked the recoverability and other significant variables through this testing. Operational testing has given us that our application’s exhibition. It is to ensure that it isn’t influenced by interferences like cautions, calls, or notices.
Uber Health-care App

Uber Health-care App

there is no big surprise that the specialist’s administrations are additionally given on-request now. Any medicinal services communities, specialists, or business people can give social insurance administrations by means of a hearty and tweaked

Basic highlights of an application l

Sign in to the Application:

The application offers different decisions to sign in absent a lot of issue.

Setting up a Profile:

The clients can set up their profile by indicating essential subtleties, for example, name, contact number, email ID, fundamental well-being condition, and the sky is the limit from there.

Book in a Solitary Tap:

On the off chance that the specialist is accessible, at that point the patient can pick a schedule opening of their decision and affirm the arrangement.

Live Area of the Specialist:

The patients will be offered access to the live area of the specialists, on the off chance that they are approaching visit the patient.

Imprint the Top choice:

Clients likewise have the office to stamp their preferred master or specialist in the application. They can pick a similar clinical master during the following arrangement, in light of accessibility.

Transfer Reports:

The wellbeing records or the clinical history of the patients can be transferred to the application in no time flat. The specialists can see them during the arrangement whenever required.

Specialist’s Visit:

If there should arise an occurrence of crisis circumstances, the patient/client can demand the specialist to visit their place.

Different Clients:

Under a solitary profile, the records of different relatives or companions can be put away. The right client must be picked before planning an arrangement.

Finding a Specialist inside a Sweep:

The application will permit the clients to set an inquiry sweep that will assist them with finding an expert inside that span.


The index page will contain the rundown of specialists, their specialization, and the contact subtleties. You can recognize a specialist of your decision from this rundown.

Settling Inquiries:

Specialists will respond to the inquiries posted by the patients in the application. This will help the patient determination their inquiry or concern rapidly.

Advantages for the Specialist:

Expanded Online Nearness:

The clinical professionals can hoist their online nearness with the assistance of this Practo clone application. They will arrive at numerous clients in a brief period.


Showcasing doesn’t need to be a different stage now. The on-request specialist booking application will be a promoting apparatus.

Offer Support 24×7:

In a center, a clinical authority can offer help for a couple of fixed hours as it were. Though with an application, they can give discussions for the duration of the day.

Work Adaptability:

The working hours can be founded on accessibility, and the working environment can be the specialist’s decision. They don’t need to claim a center or lease a spot to give discussion.


in view of the differing necessities of your business, extra credits will be added to the application by our engineers. Specialized help will be given post the dispatch of the application moreover.

Uber Logistic App

Uber Logistic App

The on-request part has seen huge development lately because of the joining of versatile application innovation. Portable applications have become an indispensable segment of the manner in which we execute business around the world. From independent companies to the enormous combinations, portable applications have advanced toward each undertaking.

One such industry that has been changed intensely by this flood is the coordinations business. Moving huge amounts of merchandise around has consistently been an indispensable part of industrialization. Any interruptions in this flexibly chain can be appalling for the endeavor.

Broad Highlights

Basic Sign-up Procedure:

A basic and alluring UI with a speedy sign-up process. Join with only a couple of snaps!

Select A Vehicle:

Browse an armada comprising of every single distinctive kind of vehicles, for example, tow truck, van, compartment truck and so on. Pick one that meets your necessities.

Timetable and Oversee Booking:

Permits you to plan ahead and book with alternatives for quick and future appointments. Select the ideal date, time and get area and begin.

Numerous Installment Choices:

Our clone underpins various installment choices, including cards, money, net banking, and then some.

Track Shipments:

When the merchandise have been dispatched, watch out for it through the assistance of this valuable apparatus. Updates progressively so you know where the shipment is consistently.

Charge Estimation:

Never ‘wonder’ about how much the shipment costs. This in-constructed toll adding machine gives you an exact gauge with the subtleties gave.


Keeping up the most recent techis significant in each undertaking yet it is doubly so with regards to programming improvement.

Uber Video Conference App

Uber Video Conference App

In the present computerized world, it is exceptionally basic that each endeavor must be able to keep working remotely in a proficient and successful way. This need has been exacerbated by the current crown episode that has rendered typical everyday tasks of organizations around the globe inconceivable. With specialists around the globe upholding a severe remain at home approach, it has gotten more significant than any time in recent memory to put resources into an application like uber-confrence that permits clients to proceed with the work from the security of their homes.

The Shifted Administrations We Offer

Confrence Gatherings:

We offer continuous HD video conferencing abilities that are unequaled by our rivals. With a slack free interface, all you need is a web association with begin. Our Zoom clone permits moment sharing of substance of various mediums, regardless of whether that be video, sound, text, mixed media, or more.

HD video conferencing:

Our reproduction application will handily sort out online classes with countless members. This is a remarkable instructive scene for colleges, organizations, and others, with the ability to oblige up to one hundred individuals, with a large number of individuals participating in the meeting.

Gathering ROOMS:

The clone content, a committed corporate program, offers amazing virtual meeting rooms that can share a few screens and permit clients to expand their actual capacity. Clients will see continuous information, designs, and all that they may require from a remote area.

Worldwide Telephone Administrations:

Our clone content empowers customers to hold phone correspondences of high caliber from the most distant corners of the globe. This is an enormous improvement for each organization, with the possibility to plan for guaranteed purchaser commitment.

Why Pick Us ?

Server Establishment:

Our activity doesn’t end with the improvement of the application. We will likewise go well beyond to introduce your clone in the apportioned server. You can be fully operational in a matter of moments by any stretch of the imagination.

Application Accommodation:

Our starting procedure is profoundly smoothed out and guarantees greatest reach. We will transfer your applications in all the main stages, for example, the iOS Application store and the android applications Play Store. You will have the option to cast a wide net and pull in clients from around the world.

Bug Backing:

Post-improvement, you will in any case need intermittent appraisals of the application to guarantee that it’s running easily with no breakdowns and sans bug. We will guarantee this is done at an extremely ostensible cost and have your application running easily consistently.

Quick turnaround time:

Having your application dispatch prepared at the earliest opportunity is basic in cornering the market. We brag of the quickest turnaround time in the market and ensure your application is a great idea to go in a matter of seconds by any means.

Specialized Help:

With an accomplished specialized help group on reserve, you can get every one of your inquiries and concerns tended to with only a call. Connect with us, and we will wrap up.

Marked White naming:

To assist you with developing the brand picture of your youngster venture, our white-name arrangements offer various customization alternatives that will help your application stand apart from the rest and be genuinely remarkable.


video confrence e is a cloud-based across the board systems administration and media transmission framework giving video conferencing, informing administrations, online gatherings, online courses, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.



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