I f you have already begun your startup journey, first and foremost, congratulations!

You had the courage to make one of the biggest and the most difficult decisions of your life. You took the big leap! How does it feel?

I will leave you with some thoughts on five areas that you can focus on, in the first twelve months time, product/service, team, cash, and your own self.

1- Product

2- Time

3- Self


1. Time

Imagine you are in a car going down the slope toward the edge of a cliff. You have to plan and execute your escape. Each second you lose, you are inching closer to death.

That’s what starting up can feel like. Time is an extremely critical resource when it comes t

entrepreneurship With every passing day, the opporninin’ cont of foregoing a steady income increases. As a result, entrepreneurs often feel a constant pressure to make the most of every minutt they have available.

Brij Bhushan (Magpin) shares

“You always feel that you are not being fast enough. The

is always something that can be done better, can be done fistu It can also the opposite way. Suddenly you control your own time without any external control factors such as your boss, or your college. Result: Entrepreneurs become lazy or inefficient, especially when faced with ambiguity or difficul decisions.

While it is important not to let the pressure ger to you, it is equally important to manage your time wisely. Here are some tips to manage your time better.

A. Don’t alack off-A startup is not a sabbatical Image this scena

You start sip. On Day One, the regular 6:00 am alam

wakes your up You get out of bed, but then realise “Why do I need to wor up at 6 I don’t need to start work until 900 m!” You feel happy abrat the nearly found freedom You go back to sleep.

You get up two hours later. But still you are in no hurry. You decide to read the newspaper, lounging on your couch, and opping a hot cut of tea. Ah! This is the lifestyle and you love it. After all, you wanted to start up for this flexibility

You finally start working at around 11:00 am. You mad sorte emails, waste time on Facebook-it is 240 p.m/already Saditenly, you come across an article on “Game of Thrones Oh no! You completely forgot about catching up with your vourite TV show. You start streaming it immediately, You know you should get time left in the day! back to work, but-hey-there is lots of

It is 5:00 pm. now. You always wanted to take a leisurely stroll in the park nearby, but never reached home early enough from work to do it. Well, you can do it now.

You follow it up with a long, relaxed dinner. It is 10:00 pm aheady-not much work done today But you are happy. You have so much time in your life now. You needil the time to In the following days, you experience several more days

where you continue to “unwind”

If this has happened to you, I don’t blame pes. Perhaps the first time in your life, you are feeling a sense of rusl freedom In the past, you always experienced external con whether it was school timings, college classes, at at work. Now you are the master of your time. You don’t know how to live such a life Beware of this und sit You have to b at the highest

level of efficiency and productivity .

Do not treat startup as a sabbatical.