Uber for maid best laundry app development by appok Infolabs

So in the app market Uber maid service has been trending for a long time. It is one of the best businesses that you have lot of scopes and will help you to generate lot of revenue in short period. in daily life washing cloth can take a lot of time and people will not want to spend so much time on their laundry needs I don’t want to spend on washing machine aur dryers or go in a search coin operated machine to wash cloth so so in app development we make one product in which technology communicate with your daily needs. We understand it your daily basics requirement and we make on demand app where customer can easily place a a laundry service request and find a a nearest service providers according to their suitable time and location no matter the customer are in home or maybe e Deccan confirm booking in their offices well. So maybe you are thinking that what you before made ab stand for and what is the uses of Uber for maids .

Today as you know how people are busy in their life so people at present at preparing to go with a mobile app and confirm booking according to their convenience let me tell you the benefits of of on demand app of Uber for maids laundry booking mobile app.

Hassle free conveniences

In this people can higher nearest service provider who can available according to customers preferable time. People get their service at doorstep and they can get the laundry service after service done. 

Automatic delivery module

When we talk about delivery boy the business owner need to worry about there delivery boy wages and security so here we comes with permanent solution with a separate delivery boy app which comes with Android and IOS platform and connected to to user app so so once someone request any service then according to to distance the preferable delivery boy I will get the job and and get paid by from their commission of each delivery with this module every delivery boy will have specific target set my admin and specific commission which rate is is managed by admin as well .

Fully automatic system

Appok Infolabs presenting a a fully automatic system which comes with complete control of your online business it is not only e identify the problems but also so it’s help you you to increase your revenue with that way there is is no need to to separate office for your business but also so you don’t need such kind of operational cost to run your business, 

Now every automatic Uber for maids comes in your budget . Contact at our support email and we will comes with you you as soon as possible we make sure you will get service at very affordable prices in comparison to to rest of all competitors.