Children are a boon in every parent’s life, and taking care of them 24×7 is an art. But, working parents will want to have a perfect balance between their career and children. For such parents, a trusted babysitting app will be the most suitable solution. They can hire professional babysitters using the Uber for babysitting app. They will reach the users’ location and take good care of the children. Hiring them is affordable and safe.

What does the babysitting app comprise of?
The babysitting app consists of three different panels that have different options based on their workflow.

Customer app:
Users will log in to the app and place a request for hiring nannies. They can track the location and contact details of the nannies and pay for the service using any one of the secure payment gateways.

Babysitters app:
Babysitters or nannies will register with the app and obtain approval from the admin. They will accept or reject user requests and receive payment after a commission cut-down.

Admin panel:
Admin can have access to all the data and manage the process efficiently. They have to approve babysitters and ensure customer satisfaction.

Premium features of the Uber for babysitters application:

The attributes of each panel available in the app are elaborated below:
User app:

Sign up: users can register with the app using mobile numbers or email IDs. Social media login is also available.

Chat facility: parents can interact or communicate with the babysitters after their request get accepted.

App notifications: request confirmation, request updates, and other special offers can be sent via push notifications or text messages.

Secure online payments: parents can use any one of the payment gateways to pay for the babysitting service.

Scheduled requests: users can book for service instantly or schedule it by specifying the exact date and time.

Booking history: they can access the previous requests they have placed under the history option.

Review profiles: parents can view the profile of babysitters before placing a request.

Ratings and reviews: they can also review the service provided by the nannies and rate them out of 5.

Babysitter app:

Registration: nannies can sign up with the app in the first step.

Profile setup: they can create a profile by specifying the basic details, experience, and short description of them.

Approval: they have to upload certain documents to the app and obtain approval from the administrator.

Accept/reject user requests: babysitters can accept or reject the requests of the users based on a few parameters.

Manage earnings easily: they can also manage their earnings effortlessly via the app.

Availability slider: an availability toggle will be present in the app to help babysitters display the status of availability.

Service history: they can view the list of service requests they have availed and the payment they have received to date.

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