With the authorization of weed, the interest has soar. In the event that you are hoping to help your current clinical weed business or enter the rewarding business sector, do as such with our on-request weed conveyance application improvement arrangements. The on-request weed delivery conveyance application for well known versatile (iOS and Android) and web stages interface patients/clients with government-endorsed clinical pot dispensaries effortlessly.

Highlights controlling our weed delivery conveyance application advancement arrangements

Seller accessibility switch:

Sellers can stamp their accessibility to support weed conveyance demands through the shrewd element.

Timetable conveyance:

Pot purchasers can either book for conveyance immediately or plan equivalent to per the advantageous date and time.

Peruse items:

In the wake of marking in, clients can view and peruse through various items and merchants accessible to serve by means of the application.

Rate and audit:

After help, patients can rate and survey the cannabis items, sellers, and conveyance officials.

Track conveyance:

In the wake of putting orders, clients by means of the application can follow the conveyance status from the purpose of get till conveyance.

Bill estimation:

Before submitting a request, clients see the evaluated cost of the administration incorporate item cost, conveyance administration cost, and duty.

Acknowledge/Reject demand:

Clinical cannabis sellers can either acknowledge or decrease administration demands according to their benefit.

Update items:

Dispensaries/Providers can include, alter, or evacuate items, depictions, costs, and other data through the committed application.

Promotion joining:

Business administrator can support business income by displaying custom-made third-part commercials and messages by means of the application.

In-application visit and call:

Application clients, including client/understanding, conveyance specialist, clinical merchants, and administrators, can speak with one another through the brilliant component.

Seller profile:

Clients/Patients see the weed dispensary/sellers profile, including name, their location, government accreditation, and others before putting orders.


Clients, clinical cannabis sellers, and conveyance operators get told of administration demands, messages, offers, installments and email.


Our weed app conveyance application advancement arrangements offer the adaptability to imbue existing stores into the stage.