This is a well-established streaming service around the globe. The main factor that is responsible for the success of the app is that the app can be accessed by anyone at any time. It gives access to millions of movies and TV shows instantly. It is still a huge success globally, and it has millions of active user.
Inspired by the success, a few businesspersons launched a streaming service similar to it using a clone app. It was successful in the market as it was advanced and feature-rich.

Benefits of a uber streaming clone app:

*Development time is reduced.
*The app is attractive and provides a good user experience.
*There will be no technical glitches or bugs in the app.
*It can be customized in a few days based on business needs.
*Future enhancements can be made easily.
*App updates will be provided regularly.
*Technical support is provided after the launch of the app also.

Source of revenue generation:

With a video streaming app , the major sources of income are several in number. A few sources that are included in the app are listed here:


The app will offer memberships or packages suitable for users. They can subscribe to a package of their choice. Videos under that subscription plan will be available for watching after a successful subscription. This is a fixed source of income for the service providers.


In this approach, the service providers can host ads on their apps, and they will be paid a fixed sum each time a customer views an ad. You can promote brands and other services using your app.


Any popular movies or new shows can be offered on a pay per view basis. Allow the users to pay via different gateways for watching a movie or show once. If they want to watch it the next time, they have to pay a nominal amount and watch it again.

Why choose us for developing your app?

Uber Like App has been in the app development field for several years now, so they offer a few perquisites to their clients. They are listed below:

Highly skilled developers:

We have a large team of professional and skilled developers who have developed numerous apps to date. They have satisfied the business needs of each of our clients. They are highly trained in all the latest and robust frameworks and tools available in the market. They deliver the most efficient app development solutions and make sure that the app runs without any technical glitch or error.


The project idea of our clients remains safe and secure with us. There are various NDA agreements that will ensure the clients about the confidentiality factor. The entire source code will be given to the client during the launch of the app.

Latest technologies:

The clone app will be employed with the latest frameworks and tools. The app will be highly efficient in terms of speed, loading time, performance, and more. It will be more advanced than an app built from scratch.

24*7 support:

A set of support engineers will be available 24*7 to help resolve the client’s queries or concerns. Any issues or bugs with the app will also be rectified by them. In case the client wants to add any features or optimize the app, they can contact the support team to do so.


Any entrepreneur who wants to launch a video streaming service can go with the app. It will be robust and help you gain a large number of users in a short period.