Planning to become an entrepreneur through using an online business service provider apps that build a white label roadside assistance marketplace? Let us help you. By the way, roadside assistance means online search, phone calls and long waits at the nearest tow truck office. Nowadays, these services are rapidly gaining momentum in the on-demand industry.

Our roadside assistance app development service will help entrepreneurs build their on-demand roadside support platform. The feature-packed tow truck booking app will bring a similar roadside assistance application experience like uber, and etc.

Appok’s uber roadside assistance app can provide a very seamless experience for both customers and tow truck drivers. This will help you easily connect car owners with tow truck drivers on mobile truck platforms. Making a startup in anu field isn’t easy but through our services you can be a new entreprenure who earn best then a job but, to start you need to be ready. Online business startups by appok is much different to grow career lifelong.

Our advanced and robust app solutions will help car owners book roadside support services in a convenient way. Furthermore, as an administrator, you can easily manage all the bookings and generate better revenue without any other person’s help. We develop the best roadside assistance apps for both Android and iOS platforms with a strong backend. So, get started, simplify management and organize your business.

Three Main Apps To Enter A White Label Roadside Assistance Market


Customer App’s

The customer app designed for stranded travelers ensures an interactive user-interface and super-fast connection to the nearest tow-truck service provider. Loaded with stellar features, perform as a premium technology.

• Sign-up/Social media login
• In-app chat & call
• Notifications
• Rate & review
• Search & filter
• Book now/Schedule
• Driver tracking
• In-app payment
• Cost-information

Tow-Truck Driver App

Individual contractors or towing companies receive real-time requests from customers through our roadside assistance app. And it provides reliable on-demand support to stranded travelers and helps grow your business tenfold faster.

• Register/Sign-in
• Notification
• Availability toggle
• Accept/reject request
• Customer information
• Payments
• In-app navigation
• Help & support
• Job history

Master App To Track Both Apps

The state-of-the-art Master app for administrators is designed to natively manage the functionality and operation of the entire platform. The Comprehensive Master App provides easy customization of customer and driver apps as per business requirements.

• Secure login
• Analytics and reports
• Notification management
• Driver management
• Customer management
• Real-time tracking
• Payment management
• Promotion management
• Rate & price management

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