There are a variety of on-demand services in the market that are consistently growing. Property rental is one of these services that has obtained limelight recently. It is mainly due to the popularity of vacation rental apps like uber . It has established itself successfully in the market and sustained for quite an extended period. Let us take a look at a few statistics that shows the growth of app:

this app is being used in more than 190 countries and 65,000 cities around the world.
Around million people are using the app to find affordable rentals.
The number of hosts who post property rentals in the app is more than 640,000.
Per night, around million people around the globe are using this services.

Working principle of an uber property app:

Guest app workflow:

Initially, guests have to log in to the app with their social media accounts, phone numbers, or email IDs. The in-app authentication process has to be completed successfully.
They can take a look at the properties listed on the app and choose an ideal room to stay based on availability.
After approval from the host, a confirmation message will be sent to guests via push notification, text message, and email.
The guests have to pay for the stay via any one of the secure payment gateways integrated into the app and enjoy their stay.

Host app workflow:

The hosts have to log in securely using any one of the methods available in the app.
They can list their property, specify terms and conditions, schedules, and more.
When requests come from guests, hosts can approve the request after proper verification. Instant booking is also available.
Finally, they have to make sure that they are paid on-time after the commission deduction.

Distinguishing clone app features:

The clone app has several unique attributes that help the entrepreneurs acquire more customers and stand out in the market.

Multiple role-based dashboards:

This app has three major panels for hosts, guests, and the administrator. These panels are designed to provide a good user experience and a simple yet distinctive workflow. Robust technologies and tools are used to build these powerful dashboards.

Easy booking facility:

Hosts can approve the guests, or an instant booking option can also be enabled. With instant booking, the guests do not have to wait until the hosts approve them. The users can avail booking at multiple locations if required.

Secure payment methods:

Users can pay easily using credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and more. Payment using cash is also available. The payment gateways included in the app are safe and secure, so the payment details will not be tracked.

Booking cancellation and refund:

Various policies of cancellation and terms & conditions for refund can be included by the hosts while listing their properties. They can also provide easy cancellations that will make the customers prefer this app over the other apps in the niche.


The above-mentioned roadmap and features will provide an entrepreneur with a complete idea of how to develop an effective and robust property rental app.