The cell phone period has guided the on-request showcase and has upset the taxi business. Exploiting the developing on-request showcase, it has gotten basic to get tightly to an application like Lyft. As an up and coming business visionary, a Lyft clone application will cost you just a fourth of your spending plan and help you to set up your endeavor in a matter of seconds. Our prepared engineers will help you in making a progressed Application like Lyft with balanced highlights and broad customization to assist you with making a specialty in the market.

Client Application Highlights

Register and Login:

This element permits the client to enlist in the application utilizing fundamental data or by means of internet based life stages like Facebook or Google+.

Calendar Ride:

Travelers can book rides at the planned date and time according to their benefit. At the point when the time shows up the concerned warnings will be sent to the driver and the rider instantly.

Rate Cards:

Rate cards permit the riders to see the specific charge for the ride before affirming the booking. The rate card will contain a breakdown of the toll.

View and Update Ride Subtleties:

The rider can see the subtleties of the ebb and flow ride through the application and furthermore change the goal while on travel, along these lines refreshing the ride subtleties for the driver.

Installment Inclinations:

The Lyft clone application is intended to offer most extreme accommodation for riders. A variety of installment choices including credit/check card or in-application advanced wallets can be utilized for installment.

Profile Arrangement:

The riders can set up their profiles in the application by refreshing their contact data, crisis numbers, and significantly more.

Live – Following:

Riders can see the driver/taxi through ongoing geo-following element and comparatively, drivers can follow the traveler’s get area.


The application will create a receipt after the excursion has been finished. This will incorporate the breakdown of the bill for the excursion.

Exchange History:

This element shows the rundown of rides that the traveler has booked through the application. The subtleties of the driver, pickup and goal, trip passage, and so on are incorporated.


This component will permit the client to rate the driver after the ride has been finished. The evaluations will expand the positioning of driver’s profile.

Driver Application Highlights

Driver Report Transfers:

This component will permit the driver to transfer significant records, for example, a driver’s permit, vehicle subtleties, and other relating archives.

Booking Cautions:

The driver will get pop-up messages of the ride and the subtleties of the rider when they are in the region.

Booking Retraction:

In the event that the traveler drops the booking, the driver will be appointed the following ride demand in the line right away.

Excursion Notice:

This element permits the driver to follow the ride from start to finish through the in-application following component and the status of the ride will be refreshed as needs be.

Receipt Subtleties:

This element produces the receipt for the driver after the outing gets finished. The receipt will contain the insights about the excursion including the breakdown of the toll.


This element will permit the driver to rate their rider after the outing is finished. This will assist the driver with looking up about the rider while the ride request is being affirmed.

Excursion history:

The driver can look into the historical backdrop of rides that they have finished. This will assist them with keeping a check of the rides on a day by day or month to month premise.

Bank Subtleties:

The driver can refresh their bank subtleties so the week by week (according to organization’s watchfulness) income can be moved to the driver with no glitches.

Acknowledge/Reject rides:

The driver can acknowledge or dismiss a ride demand dependent on multitudinous variables. The ride solicitation will be moved to the following driver with the online status.


Our group of master engineers can build up your application inside a limited capacity to focus time. Our white-named application will help you in setting up your endeavor in a matter of seconds.