Carpooling is the best way to travel now. People with their own mode of transport will travel easily from one place to another. But, people who are dependent on public transport and other ride-sharing services will find the carpooling apps very useful. They can connect with other commuters or travelers with passengers.

The basic flow of the app is as follows:

Drivers who are traveling a long way will have empty seats in their car.
They will post the source, destination, and then stops, if any, in the app.
Passengers who are planning to take the same route can send them a request.
The driver and the passenger can contact each other using phone numbers.
They can meet in a particular spot and travel together.
The key benefits of carpooling are:

It is cost-efficient.
One of the eco-friendly modes of transportation.
Do not have to wait for public transport.
Rides will be available at any time.
Any efficient clone app will consist of a clone script that helps in providing good user experience. At UberLikeApp, we provide apps that are developed using the clone script, and they offer the following benefits that will make any entrepreneur choose the clone app over other apps built from scratch.

User, admin, and driver dashboards:
Separate dashboards are provided for the passenger/user, administrator, and the driver/traveler. Based on their role, the flow of the app will also change.

Readymade app solutions:
We have turnkey app solutions that will enable you to launch your on-demand business in a few days. It will be customized based on the business requirements that the entrepreneurs state.

Automated apps:
The app will have in-built algorithms to perform all the necessary functions. The administrator does not have to assign rides or take up the responsibility of posting requests.

Budget-friendly solution:
The BlaBlaCar clone app that we provide is available at affordable prices. It costs 75% less than an app developed from the initial phase. Any small or medium scale organization or entrepreneurs can also purchase this app easily and launch their dream venture.

Live tracking facility:
The traveler and the passenger will be given access to each other’s live location. The estimated arrival time will also be specified in the app. The admin can also access the location of the driver and the rider.

Technical support:
Our experts will provide technical support during and after the launch of the app. They will make sure that the app runs without any errors or bugs.

Secure payment gateways:
The app contains several payment gateways that are highly secure. It will not track the payment details or any personal information of the user. The passengers can now pay with a single tap.