Top 10 best food delivery apps in USA

The transition from traditional cuisine set to your favorite restaurant to online delivery may not have been a smooth one.
But one thing is certain, digital change is changing our way of life and our habits. More people are now ordering food online now than ever before.

And if you look at the current situation it is quite safe to order food online and delivered it to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Food delivery apps are efficient, fast, and can get you the food you want without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Future of Food Delivery
The food supply industry is expected to grow from $ 107.44 billion last year to $ 111.32 billion this year in the CAGR of 15%. Even this has been severely affected by the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 limitations. Online food delivery platforms are thriving right now.

Recent e-commerce statistics confirm that nearly half of online shopping transitions happen with a smartphone. Smartphone users touched 4.2 billion last year. A key indicator of the success of food delivery applications is the steady growth of smartphone users worldwide.

Online food delivery apps like Grubhub and Ubereats have seen a huge increase during the epidemic. Grubhub reported 35% active consumer growth and brought the company $ 27.6 million in the second quarter of 2020 compared to 20.2 million in the same quarter in 2019.

Advanced Food Delivery Apps
Food companies are accounted for according to their annual financial statements. But where that was not available, we used data provided by Forbes.

 1- Meituan Waimai

Meituan Waimai is China’s leading food delivery company covering 2,800 cities. Users can also order medicines, fruit, and other essentials available from the store. Meituan Waimai’s market value has exceeded $ 200 billion making it the fifth largest company in the Hong Kong stock market.

2- Swiggy

Amazon has begun delivering food to India challenging the power of Zomato and Swiggy. They have invested more than $ 6.5 billion in the project. They offer a lower commission fee compared to Swiggy and Zomato to hold the market.

3- Hero food delivery

This European Delivery Hero food delivery app was launched in 2018 in Berlin. They offer a variety of foods such as organic, vegan and Asian dishes. They are located in 40 countries and provide services in 300 European cities. Delivery Hero revenue grew by 99% YoY to Euro 776 million. They started with a profit of Euro 687 million and are expected to earn Euro 2.6 billion this year.

4- Ubereats

Ubereats started operating in 2014 in Santa Monica, then in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. A year later it was launched in New York, Chicago, and arrived in Spain. Ubereats subsequently became an independent app separated from the Uber rides sharing app. Today they serve in 1,100 cities and cooperate with 500,000 restaurants.

5- Just Eat

Just Eat Takeaway has food delivery operations in 24 countries. Originally founded in Denmark they teamed up with in 2019 and named it Just Eat Takeaway. They have acquired Grubhub for $ 7.3 billion to enter the US market. This has made them the most effective online food delivery service outside of China.


DoorDash is a leading food delivery company with 20 million active users. They partner with 350,000 restaurants and operate 4,000 cities in the US. They transformed themselves from a middle-class company into a high-quality food delivery company. DoorDash recently announced that it plans to go public with a $ 25 billion market price.

7- Deliveroo

Deliveroo is also other best food delivery apps A hot start to the UK ‘Deliveroo’ is the most successful food delivery service provider with the most food available at any given time. The $ 575 million Amazon deal has improved their value to $ 2 billion. Deliveroo is one of the fastest growing services in Europe in France, Spain and the UK.

8- Zoomato

Zoomato is the best food delivery apps was introduced in India 12 years ago and is now available in 24 countries. They started doing digitalization by adding menus to online restaurants. There are 200,000 merchants on board and Zomato operates in 500 cities. The first half of 2020 was special as there was a 220% increase in revenue to $ 206 million and the volume of orders increased by more than 200 million.

9- Glovoapp

Glovoapp is primarily an application for food delivery and other lifestyle products on the menu. It was founded in Barcelona in 2014. Glovoapp also delivers food and pharmaceutical products as well. They have recently left the Middle East markets to focus on their growth in markets such as South America, parts of Europe and Africa.

10- ChowNow

ChowNow has a new way to order food by offering digital tools from restaurant websites, indeed now several food apps offer this facility. The app also allows users to order from different restaurants from one place. You can search for foods based on your favorite foods or restaurants.

The app works in New York, Chicago, LA, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, Dallas, and other major cities.

Conclusion Food Delivery app

Entry for online food delivery applications in the US is 6%. This encourages other food delivery firms to look at options for access to existing food delivery services in the US to participate in this market. Grubhub was acquired by European giant Just Eat Takeaway for the same purpose.

Grubhub has agreed to trade $ 7.3 billion in shares that will give them access to the US market through Ubereats. Growth in the US food industry is expected to be around 13% over the next 5 years and this will keep investors interested in the sector.

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