The app for uber

it’s Friday evening and you’re joining acouple of friends at the edge of town for dinner but just as you’re half way there your car stalls and there is no one to help how are you going to meet your friends on time well .

You have a powerful tool at your disposal you take out your phone and request for roadsideassistance app from your local automobile association but this is no ordinary app this is an app that is driven by the THE APP FOR UBER .

Automobile Association recently partnered with TAFU to bring about a digital transformation by adopting the Live Enterprise ,

They can now sense analyze and decipher the data around them to create actionable insights that can help reimagine solutions to Service provider so how does all this help you let’s take a look.

 The app for uber first sources data from your vehicle using its in built telematics system and determines the nature and severity of the Service provider it then preps downstream service providers like nearby mechanics for a potential incoming tow rental car agency for a potential upcoming request .

And other service providers the app for uber also highlights nearby certified locations like gas stations or restaurants to help you seek shelter if it is required next it quickly scans the region surrounding you and identifies Service provider an automobile mechanic as the nearest and most competent individual who is capable of assisting you.

It sends him a notification to assign him to the job while also sharing with him the vehicles telematics data to help him determine the tools that he would likely need while the availability of service provider nearby.

Might seem too many as for tuitions he was in reality strategically placed at the very location based on predictive analytics and an analysis of available mechanics in the region.

Simultaneously you receive a notification to confirm the assignment of this happens in a matter of minutes while job is on his way you can also use the chat bot option in the app to resolve any simple Service provider if possible.

The chat box suggests tips based on the telematics data from your car, The app also allows you to track job you can now breathe a sigh of relief for his part

The app for uber has in built functionality where on the job starts it collaborating with you and understands the Service provider this helps them to start troubleshooting even before he reaches when service provider arrives.

It has a fair idea of the type of Service provider and makes a call to bring in expert assistance but this assistance does not arrive by any conventional means instead he uses virtual reality to collaborate remotely with experts to fix the issues on the car is up and running.

The service provider on his way to help his next customer you’re very impressed the issue was solved in no time at all with your car running.

Again you’re able to make it to dinner on time and have a great evening with your friends you pull out your phone once more this time to give service provider a five-star rating for the work that he did now that’s what we call The app for uber to next-gen roadside assistance.

 From a truly live enterprise right to us to learn more about how we can partner with you to help your business become a truly digital enterprise.


let’s go over some basics for the tow booking Android application to get started if your company requires you to check in.

you’ll need to go to the main menu and select check-in on your Android mobile device next you’ll want to complete your pre-trip inspection if your company uses this feature to complete your pre-trip inspection,

Tap equipment inspection on the menu and select the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner next choose the trunk enter in your trucks odometer reading and then proceed with the checklist.

 If something fails simply enter the failure reason you can optionally take a picture of the failed equipment if needed at the end of the checklist add any additional notes once finished click the check mark in the top right-hand corner be sure to sign the inspection report and tap accept to automatically send to your manager.

Now you’re ready to work when a call is dispatched to you you’ll hear an alert and get a notification select the accept and view button so your dispatchers know that you’ve got the call when you’re ready to start working the call tap the update status button towards the top and update your status to end route next you can tap on the pickup location in the application.

 If needed to start turn-by-turn directions as you arrive on scene be sure to update your status your first move when you’re on scene is usually to add photos simply tap the camera icon and take pictures of any damages you’ll see photos appear on the bottom of the page as they’re uploaded you can also complete a damage report if your company requires that.

 If you’re concerned about a possible damage claim against you or the company to add a damage report tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen then select damaged forms tap the plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner and then change the body type if needed then tap on the area of the vehicle you need to record damages for choose the damage type add a description add photos of the vehicle damages click Save and then click accept when the damage report is done click the checkmark in the top right corner.