it’s time for a touch base on the best app ideas for 2021.

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My name is Abby i’m a software innovator from salt lake city utah and i love making software that changes the world i’m building a sas product from concept to cash. and i’m taking you with me for the ride if you want to build apps grow your app business and make money doing cool softwares entrepreneur related stuff .

Today i’m going to share with you five current app ideas that are looking forward to2021 and beyond now why should i share with you app ideas well mostly because there are so many different map app ideas and opportunities out there that there’s no way that i can possibly execute against all of the demand in an abundance mentality.

You could think of a solution that is complementary or parallel to the solutions that i could think of plus there’s so much between you and monetizing an app and making a lot of money there’s so much work to be done there’s so much market validation that has to happen like we’ve been talking about for the last three months on this topic.

If you can take an app idea to market congratulations you deserve every penny that you earn from taking that app idea and realizing it and making it marketable so good job make sure you read this post all the way to the end we’re going to cover five main app ideas and i want you to concentrate and read carefully because what you might read about one market opportunity is different from what some others might hear about.

The same opportunity you’re going to come up with different app ideas based upon the same market reports so pay close attention read the post all the way to the end .

Market research is saying is that is that a lot of companies they’re not they’re not going to have their own wi-fi in their office buildings for example they’re going to rely on some third-party provider like cisco or whoever to come in and setup wi-fi in their buildings how fun is it when you need help desk support like you’re at your office building you can’t connect to the wi-fi you’re trying to reach someone uh and they what do they do they tell you put in a ticket well you put in a ticket whereon your computer using the wi-fi that you can’t access so if we had a wi-fi as a service helpdesk app where you can put um you can submit your help desk request on your phone.

Using your 3g 4g whatever your cellular data connection then you can get help uh more quickly and more easily without having to worry about logging in and submitting a ticket otherwise you have to like open up your phone and you have to like log into thebrowser and you have to submit the helpthat’s request and check your email blahblah blah blah well if you just hadthe help desk app that can make that alot easier the wi-fi is the service market size is projected to grow fromus to 3.4 billion dollars in 2020 to usd8.4 billion by 2025.

At a cumulative annual growth rate of19.8 percent that’s a huge growth rate gnss simulator appi had to look this one up gnss stands for global navigation satellite system so basically what’s happening is we’re saying that there are lots of devices these are like wearables or other hardware that uh make use of a global navigation satellite system and we what we need to do is we need to be able to test those apps to see or those devices to see if they’re working correctly.

So in the creation of devices that leverage the global navigation satellite system we need to be able to create and test these devices and in order to test them we need a simulator that mocks up the conditions of the global network satellite system.

The major factors fuelling the market growth including the growing penetration of consumer iot product suntanned aerial vehicles and iot applications these factors are leading to a rise in the need for precise gnss simulators to test various consumer devices.

The increasing demand for software-defined radio gnss simulators provides growth opportunity for the gnss simulators market so we need a way to test the growing portfolio of devices that leverage global satellite systems iot middleware app so we’re talking about the internet of things we’retalking about middleware that somehow connects different uh iot solutions devices withback-endsuh processes and apis etc so this marketis expected to grow from 10.1 billionusd in 2020to 25 billion usd by 2025.

that’s a 19.7 uh compound annual growth rate so pretty significant growth there markets and markets sites increasing use of embedded sensors and availability of fast cellular networks that’s um lta and 3g driving the adoption of iot middleware platforms in healthcare uh and other verticals so we’re talking about middleware that handles device management application management and network management so in all of the embedded sensors and other devices that can somehow connect to your application that we need to have like common platforms of middleware .