Best suggestion for start app business;

start app business : I think you are asking about the development of a mobile app as this is the term (application) used to describe mobile apps these days.

I will try to hide the development and marketing and business procurement processes.

There are two aspects to your query:
1. You want to start developing your ideas in apps.
2. You want to start developing apps for your current / future customers.

In both cases, you will need to know the plans or have a planner (depending on the size of the development load).

And there are various mobile app development platforms like android, ios, windows based windows, blackberry.

There are also native apps and html converted apps built with phonegap.

Indigenous applications require knowledge of specific programming languages ​​where html-based applications require js / jquery / html5 / css3 and server language as well as php / information for active application content in the application.

Market analysis for start app business

To start app business in india india market is looking at android AND  ios for us / uk or global market.

Android needs Java knowledge and requires less money as the necessary tools are open source and easily accessible.
Having a great personality app that works with an Android studio is just the beginning.
It costs 30 $ USD to get a google play store license and you are ready to publish your apps.

ios needs c / c ++ / aim c information as it is called and requires mac, xcode coding and 99 $ USD license to proceed to ios store.

Windows Phone market has little market share yet, but may continue in the future.

Now the buying and acquisition of a business is part of it.
Whatever platform, whatever language you choose, you need to set up demos or a portfolio as we call it to showcase your skills and achievements for your company.

Having companies that commit to a business venture is very helpful as they do their best to earn you a certain amount of revenue.
Alternatively you can start bidding on private sites such as freelancer, odesk, guru, HIRE DEVELOPERS it is strongly recommended that you hire someone who will agree to buy the job and work with the service to finalize the contract.

In addition to this you need a lot of patience and time to build your relationship and make your presence heard in the market in order to influence and find good deals.

Financial Support to start app business

To start app business financial support should be atleast 30 to 50 lakhs INR, depending on the size of your target group and infra and location, should be sufficient for the first six months.

If you do well there is a chance your first chance will be taken by a big app development company.

start business from app idea

Starting an app business

Starting an app business these days is not as easy as walk in the park. With millions of applications flooding the market, it is difficult to make something that is actually unique and easy at the same time. So, if you want to start the business of apps or if you want to develop an app, first make sure that your idea is unique and then focus on solving a problem in an easy way.

Once you figure out these two things, you need to do deep market research. You have to test the market before actually investing money in your idea. Figure out, whether users really need your apps else you will end up spending resources in the wrong direction. If you get the positive results, then consult the right app development partner for the development of your app.

So, the crux is:

  1. Find an Idea
  2. Research and Test it
  3. Find a right app development partner
  4. Build an MVP
  5. Monetize your app well
  6. And then keep on adding new features to your app.

One important aspect that you should consider after building an MVP is fundraising. It is crucial that you have support of some investors to make your product better. Also, if your MVP is able to get enough traction, you can easily win the trust of various investors. So, focus on building it right and don’t ever think that you will end up being successful only if you have investors or some big name behind you. 

start business from app idea
app idea

Start with idea creation

Start with idea development. Try to create a unique and different application that is new and kind of good. This would allow for a monopoly on the application world. Then start planning the layout and how the application should look like once you are done with it. You can start coding and after coding and testing the app to see if everything is fine, you feel like it’s done, you need to create an account on Google. This is a link to the Google Play Developer Console, click on it and it will take you to the Developer / Publisher Account. You have to pay a small amount of 25.00 is, you can upload it as soon as you give the account and people will start downloading and using it.
So the only investment there would be 25 be, but it also depends on the type of application you are creating.