Failure is Opportunity to Begin Again!

A solid positive mental frame of mind will make a greater number of supernatural occurrences than any marvel.

When discussing business success or failure, there are often very different views on what each means. First i need to define what’s the mean of business failure in my prospective, and how we can turn business into success . There are very good saying that “the neglect or omission of an expected or re-required action” or “the action or state of non functioning” so again whats the business success? when can a business be considered a success? Is it wealth, status and fame, as the above saying would state?¬† we often look upon those who have achieved these things as successful. So, does that in turn mean the rest of us have failed, or at least not been successful if the business we are involved in doesn’t achieve this? I think not. I much prefer to oxford definition of success: ” The accomplishment of an aim or purpose”

My definition of success in business is when a business has a clear view of the reason that business exist. has specific goals it wishes to achieve, and achieve those goals, no matter how humble or audacious those goals might be.

To defining success and failure can be very personal, the most interesting fact is the success is defined only by the business and not by the people perceive success to be. Far too often we define business success based on what social expectation define it to be for small business (Maid Booking App) this is typically significant growth in terms of sale and staff, which in turn sees the owners reaping significant financial rewards.

In the extreme, there is a breed of business that started from nothing and become billions of dollars business – these are called unicorns because they are rare. there were only about 175 unicorns in existence i ever know yet. A well known examples like Airbnb, Uber, Google, Pinterest , Dropbox, Spotify, Evernote, etc. considering the millions of business that start every year around the world, This level of extreme growth is indeed a very rare thing, yet they take up lot of the space on bookshop shelves and discussions on what business success is.

If the defination of business success relates only to business that experienced significant growth and brought wealth to its owners, then it would imply that all the other business  have not experienced success or indeed would be considered failures. This would then represent the clear majority of business on the planet- which means we must all be pretty sorry bunch if it were true.

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