custom made services : How to Retain Your customers?

Are you still looking for loyal customers for your products and services?

If so i can explain some facts which can help you to boost your business


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Meeting the expectations :

The first step to retain customer is to identify and fulfil their expectations about a product and services. One of the best way to do so is to under commit and over performs. Try to meet the customers requirements then they will be turn into a loyal customer and will show there loyalty by purchasing product and service again and again not only this they will recommend your product and services to their friends and known, so it will be a customer chain which will create a big impact on brand value which results a high turnover and create monopoly in market segment.

 “In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want.”

Recognize and respect: your old customers would feel delighted if you are able to build a relationship with them, and they would appreciate you by staying loyal. You should recognize them with their first names, when you meet them and welcomes them warmly, and respectfully. Try and have personnel yet crisp business relationship with them, when you value and show care with them they will respond with their loyalty.

Proactive customer services:

You should charm your old customer by being proactive. Old customer should not be given a chance to approach you with a complaint. You should contact them after sale regularly. Any services request must be attended promptly.

Rewards for frequent buyers:

Depending on the nature of your business, the customers who bring along their family friends as customers must be encouraged. You should acknowledge your customers by putting their names on the referral board together with the number of referral’s they made each month.

Thankyou cards: writing a thankyou card for your custom made services of app development company is very simple and encouraging way of customer retention that works. It could be hand written if your business is small and pre-printed otherwise or email them thankyou latter. The impact will always delight your customer and make him come back to your business place for next requirement.


Sending newsletter to your customers a great way of communicating information about your business. You are conveying important updates regarding your business that you think is important and based on that they may come back to your business as a repeat customer.


Telephone Recalls:

In any business, Interactions with old customers can be initiated by the business side and it works to the benefits of the business. In case of annual maintenance contracts, isn’t it better that the services provider calls to set the appointment? The gentle reminder about the upcoming EMIs on phone using tact wil save a lot of trouble for many customers. You can also call your customers to invite them for a special sale.

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